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Lifestyle Search: College Student Friendly Locations

Jun 16, 2012 | by: The NeighborhoodScout Team | Lifestyle
Lifestyle Search:  College Student Friendly Locations

Capturing the college experience beyond campus.

For some, an area heavily populated by students is an absolute nightmare. For others, it’s a dream.

The quality of campus life continues to be a deciding factor for many prospective students across the country. Any college can tell you about its dorm life and extra-curricular activities on-campus, but off-campus, you’re on your own. Especially when it comes to finding the right neighborhood for your off-campus apartment.

NeighborhoodScout’s College Student Friendly search pinpoints the areas most popular with college or graduate students, combined with relative safety from crime and good walkability near the college of your choice.

If you live in a quiet suburban area, sure – you’ll probably get more schoolwork done, but you’ll also get old Mrs. Henderson’s broomstick tapping on your ceiling every time you and your friends make a peep after 7 o’clock. Ditch the geriatrics and surround yourself with your peers where the neighbors are used to the night owls and the occasional (or frequent…) party noise.

Crime is an important consideration for anyone, but students, especially, should be mindful of their risks in any area. A lifestyle with late-night classes, late walks home from a friend’s house, or other weekend shenanigans make the college-going demographic vulnerable to criminal activity. When everyone else is working their 9 – 5 jobs or sleeping, and you’re out and about, you become a lone target with no witnesses in sight. That’s why NeighborhoodScout’s College Student Friendly search takes safety from crime into account, along with a heavy population of college or grad students who share a similar lifestyle and routine.

Additionally, NeighborhoodScout’s College Student Friendly search looks for areas with good walkability. Unless you work endless hours in between school and play, most undergrads and grad students can barely afford their rent, groceries and social life – much less a car. That’s why being located in a neighborhood that lends itself to easy navigation on foot is a crucial – and fun – component of the student’s lifestyle. Plus, being able to walk home to some amenities including walking home from the bars means that you can save on cab fare and keep the roads safe by staying off of them!

Input your school’s city / state and select your search area and start searching for the best College Student Friendly neighborhood for you!